Ubuntu 10.04 on Dell Inspiron 1520 how to

Yesterday arrived my new disk, and It fit in time with release of new Ubuntu distribution so natural was to try it on new hardware. Unfortunately there is bug that take couple of hours from life before I menage to solve it. So. if your new Ubuntu freezing during installation try this:

  • boot from Ubuntu DVD
  • press anything on purple screen (in my case there was only funny icon displayed on bottom of screen) to get menu
  • chose language
  • press f6 and select nomodest option
  • edit command that appears and remove quiet and splash parameters
  • add nouveau.modset=0 parameter
  • start installation (it should be ok now)
  • after installation go to System->Administration->Hardware Drivers and install Nvidia drivers
  • tadam!

If problems appears during booting of installed Ubuntu (blank screen, freeze):

  • press e on getting the GRUB bootloader
  • remove quiet and splash parameters and nouveau.modset=0

Everything run smooth after installation of Nvidia drivers. All informations were found on Ubuntu official forum.

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