Bye Google Wave

Today I have back from vacations, and I found bad news from Google: they will close Google Wave at the end of the year.

But despite these wins, and numerous loyal fans, Wave has not seen the user adoption we would have liked.

For me its quite strange: in my company we use Wave and it works very well and for sure there is lots of companies that are in the same position. Why they can keep it online like other closed products (like Google Notebook)? Did Google think that it will be competition for Twitter? What it mean "user adoption" for Google?

Lots of questions but there is on sure - for Novel Pulse it's good news.

Google.ce free from censorship

In recent post, David Drummond said, that after last attacks on Gmail accounts that appears effort to get access to accounts of Chinese human right activists, Google took decisions to stop censoring Chinese internet. Even more, if discussions witch Chinese government will not give any result, they may shut down Google.ce!

Well, Google get point from me, for being not only corporation ...

O3D – the future is near

On one of my interviews I have had question "which programing language will be the most important in future". My answer was ActionScript, but at this moment, knowing what google have in they backyard I say: JavaScript. Why? My answer is O3D:

O3D is an open-source JavaScript API for creating interactive 3D graphics applications that run in a browser window: games, ads, 3D model viewers, product demos, virtual worlds.

Yes, they preparing engine that allow to create whole 3d realms. All you need, is to download plug-in and we could create 3d environment in pure JavaScript.

The O3D JavaScript application code is completely contained in an HTML document that is loaded into a web browser. To develop a O3D application, all you need is the O3D plug-in and a text editor for writing JavaScript code.

Sounds great, isn't it?

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