Google.ce free from censorship

In recent post, David Drummond said, that after last attacks on Gmail accounts that appears effort to get access to accounts of Chinese human right activists, Google took decisions to stop censoring Chinese internet. Even more, if discussions witch Chinese government will not give any result, they may shut down Google.ce!

Well, Google get point from me, for being not only corporation ...

Gmail – global “mark as read” solution

Ok, gmail i great email client but there is no direct option to select all mail as read. After back to work from summer holidays i found about 500 unread email (mostly from mailing list - nice work guys ;)). So I started digging an I found this solution:

  1. search for parameter "is:unread"
  2. on search result list from select options choose "all"
  3. after that "Select all conversations that match this search" option should appear - click it
  4. from "More option" menu selct "mark as read"

After that all emails should be mark as "read".

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