Rich Hickey – Database as a Value

Interesting talk from Rich Hickey about the future of DB's.

Grails and SPI

I am posting some materials I have found about Grails and how they can be used to back up SPI architecture.

Nice talk from Stephane Maldini about event architecture with Grails: Grails and the Real-time Web

Presentation from Álvaro Sánchez-Mariscal where he shows how SPI can be implemented with Grails and AngularJS

And at the end talk from Zan Thrash about Grails and tools like Yo, Bower and Grunt:

Micro-services – Adaptive Architectures and Organisations by James Lewis

Nice talk by James Lewis about micro-services architecture. Its nice continuation of his blog entry How big should a micro-service be?

Micro-Service Architecture by Fred George

Nice talks from Fred George about his adventure with mirco services architecture:

Micro services and Dropwizard

Two really good talks about micro services architecture with usage Dropwizard framework:

Micro Services: Java, the Unix Way by James Lewis

Building Web Services with Dropwizard by Camille Fournier

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