After DevMeeting

DevMeeting is after us, and only thing I can say after it is "more". Meeting started at 9 a.m. and we worked with short breaks till 9 p.m. Whole meeting was leaded by David de Rosier and I must say that I have been under deep impression how big and broad knowledge he has.

We started with JavaScript refreshing - quick review of JavaScript magick. As a exercise we got task to implement elements of Aspect Programming in JavaScript.

Next we jumped to NodeJS and I must say that this was the most interesting part of whole meeting. His callback approach provide really powerful way for creating server-side code. After theoretical part we started implementation of chat - part of online code editor that was ours goal on this meeting. It was rally amazing to see that the same library (Socket.IO) is used on client and server side, JSON is transparent for both sides and all was running in less than 15 minutes.

As last element we explore RingoJS - MVC Server framework. It wasn't impressive - yet another framework. Only interesting thing in it is possibility of Java libraries usage. But there is no "magic" that NodeJS is offering and there is a lot of much better frameworks around in any other language.

Whole meeting was really successful, it has given me wider look on server side JavaScript, and I am definitely recommending it any one who want to learn something interesting.

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