AndEngine in action

Any one interested in making games on Android platform, should definitely check AndEngine. This framework will help with creating 2D OpenGL games. It is easy, quick and powerful. Extension allows to create games based on physic or even multiplayer games. Below you can find video that shows what can be done in just two evenings.


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  1. Hello Developer,

    I try to do something like this with a tank but i failed. I don’t know how to shoot, how to do a physical projectile what hit the enemy. Could i ask you to post your code in AndEngine forum? It will help a lot of developers and future developers.

    Thanks in advanced, Eddy

    Comment by Eddy_hunt — May 30, 2011 #

  2. Unfortunately I can’t at this moment. I will opensource code of my game when I will finish it. Stay tuned.

    Comment by admin — June 27, 2011 #

  3. Hi, I’m newbe in AndEngine , I would be able to make something like you did in the video… could you please post the source code? I think it could be really useful for everyone… thanks a lot!

    Comment by Andrea — August 6, 2011 #

  4. Right now I am working on game with usage of AndEngine. When I will finish it, I will publish sources.

    Comment by admin — October 20, 2011 #

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