JavaScriptMVC – simplified client side

Recently my friend ask me, to rewrite his home page with additional CMS functionality. Because there wasn't any interesting thing in backend i choose simplest (and quite ugly) PHP framework CodeIginiter with some modifications made by me to increase its usability.

So nothing exciting, but still, I wanted to play with something new so I chose something that i wanted to test for some time: JavaScriptMVC framework.

JavaScriptMVC, as you probably guess, is MVC framework for fronted web app development. It use JQuery as a base engine, provide nice separation of layers in your app, bunch of plugins that simplify your every day developer works (like History plugin) and test engine. Command line tools helps you to generate required elements and compress your app to one file. Looks good, isn't it?

And how looks work with framework? Beginning is quite hard - documentation is quite good but there is not too much about plugins in it. But active mailing list group react very fast and helps with problems. Working with framework is very smooth, code is nicely separated and its easy to maintenance it. Usage of OpenAjax allows to create components that will communicate with each other by publishing messages - so no tight code coupling. JSMVC provide also powerfull documentation engine (home page of version 2.0 was generated by it) so we can create spec. for ours app in the fly.

In my opinion, this framework is irreplaceable for any app that use more JS in the frontend than simple usage of lightbox.

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