Groovy List.contains / GString fuss

If you want to search for String value in the List using contains method, be careful if the argument is GString type.

  2. def foo = 1
  3. assert !['1','2','3'].contains("${foo}")
  4. assert ['1','2','3'].contains("${foo}".toString())

Why? Because contains use equals method to match your parameter to each position on the list, and for equals we have:

  2. def foo = "groovy"
  3. def bar = "groovy${''}"
  5. assert foo.class == java.lang.String
  6. assert bar.class == org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.GStringImpl
  8. assert foo == bar
  9. assert bar == foo
  10. assert !foo.equals(bar)
  11. assert !bar.equals(foo)

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