Groovy closure – will it work?

Lets say we have Groovy class like this:

  2. class Foo {
  4. def bar(myClosure) {
  5. myClosure(this)
  6. }
  8. private def bas(myName) {
  9. println "hello from ${myName}"
  10. }
  11. }

and I am wonder what should happen if I execute this line of code:

  2. new Foo().bar {
  3. it.bas("Steve Zissou")
  4. }

Should it throw exception that I want execute private method? But this method is execute inside Foo object instance. So, should it print

hello from Steve Zissou

Unfortunately question is still open because Groovy private method / field bug. Or maybe is time to start using Scala and Lift?

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