Frontend / Backend misunderstood

Recently my friend come to me, look in project that I am involved into and said: "uuuu, its wrong - there shouldn't be front-end and back-end packages in your project". It was hard to me to admit that this names were wrong for naming main / administration modules . According to Wikipedia:

In software architecture and software design, the front-end is the part of a software system that interacts directly with the user, and the back-end comprises the components that process the output from the front-end. The separation of software systems into "front-ends" and "back-ends" is an abstraction that serves to keep the different parts of the system separated.

so there is no doubt - front-end and back-end are incorrect in this case.

I used this names because in php Symfony framework they are using this naming convention. Well, we learn whole life.

Ps. Thanks Michal 😉

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