Maven and FlexMojos problems

If you want to prepare automatic build of your flex application you could use maven nad flex-mojos. In my project I have two main problems while working over sutch configuration. First was problem with fonts embedding and second with flex-framework artifact for locale different than en_EN.

First problem could be eliminated by specifying font renderer in pom.xml:

  2. ...
  3. <plugin>
  4. <groupId>org.sonatype.flexmojos</groupId>
  5. <artifactId>flexmojos-maven-plugin</artifactId>
  6. <version>3.0.0</version>
  7. <extensions>true</extensions>
  8. <configuration>
  9. <sourceFile>main.mxml</sourceFile>
  10. <compiledLocales>
  11. <locale>fr_FR</locale>
  12. </compiledLocales>
  13. <fonts>
  14. <managers>
  15. <manager>flash.fonts.AFEFontManager</manager>
  16. </managers>
  17. </fonts>
  18. </configuration>
  19. <dependencies>
  20. <dependency>
  21. <groupId>com.adobe.flex</groupId>
  22. <artifactId>flex-fontkit</artifactId>
  23. <version>${flex.sdk.version}</version>
  24. </dependency>
  25. <dependency>
  26. <groupId>com.adobe.flex</groupId>
  27. <artifactId>afe</artifactId>
  28. <version>${flex.sdk.version}</version>
  29. </dependency>
  30. <dependency>
  31. <groupId>com.adobe.flex</groupId>
  32. <artifactId>aglj32</artifactId>
  33. <version>${flex.sdk.version}</version>
  34. </dependency>
  35. <dependency>
  36. <groupId>com.adobe.flex</groupId>
  37. <artifactId>rideau</artifactId>
  38. <version>${flex.sdk.version}</version>
  39. </dependency>
  40. </dependencies>
  41. </plugin>


You must install dependencies to maven repository manually. All files (flex-fontkit.jar, aglj32.jar, afe.jar, rideau.jar) you could find in lib directory of sdks used by your Flex Builder installation.

Second problem could by resolved by creating localized framework resources. Just use copylocale.exe application from bin directory of yours sdk:

  2. bin\copylocale.exe en_US fr_FR

and next install rpc_rb.swc and framework_rb.swc from frameworks\locale\fr_FR directory to maven repository.

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